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I don’t know how I lost something like 40 hours into this PlayStation Mobile dungeon crawler. It also made me break one of my rules of gaming, never pay for an in-app purchase. I am sure you have heard the story on the podcast already, but to keep it short… I died and waited to keep my items, so I had to pay a price. That being said you don’t really ever have to pay for this game, which makes the 40 some hours I put into it seem like a really good deal. Any RPG fan should definitely check out the video below, as you might have just as much fun as I did. — Chris

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At first looking at Switch Galaxy you could make the mistake in thinking that it was just your standard futuristic racing game, but while you can possibly fit it in that genre it’s actually quite a different experience. In Switch Galaxy you pilot an auto accelerating prototype ship trying to finish each track under a specified time limit. In order to do that you need to put your reflexes to good use and switch from lane to lane on the track hitting as many speed pads as possible while dodging the barriers and ships that occupy each location. One of the things that impressed me the most with the game is just how great Atomicom made the sense of speed feel, with no slowdown or performance issues in sight. With a fairly lengthy campaign and an addictive endless mode Switch Galaxy is one of my favorite, and best, PSM games released to date. — Andrew

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While sports games are a pretty big genre, they aren’t really my thing. Besides extreme sports and Mega Man Soccer on the SNES I have spent very little time with them in the past. But with Passing Time that has all changed. While sports games keep adding new features with each yearly release, Passing Time has broken the concepts of soccer (or football, depending on where you live) down to its basics. With simple taping of the screen you pass the ball between your players, line up your shots, and shoot at the goal. While this mechanic is not always as accurate as I would like, it sure is a lot of fun. The developers have also brought the graphical style back to the basics with everything having a nice retro look to it. The game includes four different modes (passing, free kicks, corners, and matches) along with 40 challenges to take on, which will keep you busy for quite a while. Passing Time has a lot to offer to any player, whether they are a fan of soccer or not. — Andrew

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When the world’s supply of milk runs dry it’s up to cats from all over to conquer their fear of water and dive deep into the depths of the ocean. Milk Mine reserves at the bottom of the sea are enough for the cats but you’ll need to pilot a submarine to defend your fellow cat brothers. Aqua Kitty is as much fun as it’s story is hilarious. It’s one of few cases where everything from the controls, music and look of the game all work together perfectly. Even a full year after it’s release Aqua Kitty still stands as one of PSM’s best. — Curtis

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The revitalization and genre switch that the Badman series desperately needed, Yu-Nama: The Puzzle is a PSM game that you should not be without. Yes, it costs $5.99. However, the production values, gameplay, and other attributes of this frantic match-3 dungeon battle hero simulator are not really in line with the majority of PSM games. Try to treat this as a native Vita game (without trophies or online support), then take a second look at its price. Anyway, Yu-Nama is a touch-controlled match-3 puzzle game. The point of the game is to fend off heroes who are attempting to scour your dungeon in search of Badman, your lord and savior. Yu-Nama makes use of an ecosystem mechanic that requires you to level up the tiles on the screen rather than simply clearing them. The whole game is very intuitive, color- and picture-based, and appropriately difficult. When you get to later levels, it takes more than the ability to make three-of-a-kind. You’ll have to think ahead, make proper use of negative space, and spawn the best monsters to get the job done. I played this game to the point of auto Vita turn off several times. If you’re still on the fence, skip your morning latte and splurge on hours of poorly translated puzzling madness. — Eric

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