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PSNStores PS Mobile Top 25

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Not to be confused with the novel/film about a boy, his tiger, and their incredible journey, this is a PSM game from developer Super Icon. It’s a simple platformer in which you play as Pixel, jumping and double-jumping through the generations of retro gaming consoles. Worlds are broken up by major consoles, and each world features a bevy of levels that are dressed in the fashion of the given time period. I had the fortune of buying this game after it was patched. It took me only a couple of days to play through the entire game, but that’s because I played it almost nonstop. There’s enough content and competent platforming here to warrant the $1.99 price tag. You’re not double-jump-dash-headbutt-uppercutting through metroidvania worlds, but hey, we can’t all be time-shifting luchadors. I recommend Life of Pixel to anyone looking for a throwback platformer, plain and simple. — Eric

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Surge is a puzzle game that tasks you with eliminating blocks that fill the screen by drawing lines with your finger to match multiple blocks of the same color. Of course in typical FuturLab fashion there is more to the game than what you initially see. You need to remove the blocks as quickly as possible since behind each row lies release valves that must be opened to relieve the ever increasing pressure gauges on the sides of the screen. If you are not quick enough and they fill your game will end. The juggling you do trying to get the biggest combos and remove all the blocks before the pressure gauges fill leads to a fun frantic experience. Throw in multiple special blocks that show up, web based leaderboards, a great soundtrack, and touch controls that work perfectly and you have a puzzle game that I still head back to again and again. — Andrew

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The one thing that keep me going back to Gun Commando was the way it handled leveling up. This shooter is all about accuracy. Everytime to hit an enemy you will gain experience. Kill enough enemies and instead of just gaining a level you will get an entirely new weapon. When you miss the mark, you will lose experience and can possibly even downgrade your weapon. The game does have some floaty shooting controls, but I still found a way to do a perfect run. Before Killzone released, this was probably the best FPS on Vita. — Chris

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In Kung Fu Fight! you take control of a magical headband wearing farmer trying to take down the evil warlord who rules the land. In typical runner fashion there are plenty of different enemies and obstacles that will stop you in your tacks in one hit that you will need to punch, kick, and jump past. What makes Kung Fu Fight! different from some of the other runners I have played is that there is an ending to the game with lots of checkpoints throughout. Don’t mistake that as it being easy though. The game has three different difficulties, all of which offer quite a challenge (even after many tries I still can’t beat the story on Brutal difficulty). There are also in-game trophies to collect and an endless mode to test your skills, which will have PSN leaderboard support added in an upcoming patch. Kung Fu Fight! is a great option for infinite runner fans and people looking for a fun challenge. — Andrew

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Penguin Party is a pretty simple puzzle game in which you use different types of arrows to guide penguins through each level towards a goal while avoiding sharks and collecting special items. The original birthday themed level pack proved to be a lot of fun and actually quite challenging. With each level only allowing you to use a set number of arrows and specific types it can be really tough to figure out what the perfect route through each level is. Back in August the Circus World map pack released allowing players to demo a set number of levels for free or purchase the entire pack at a small cost. Impressively enough the Circus map pack ended up including lots of content besides just new stages. Most notable of course being completely new items that often required me to approach each level differently than I might have in the original stages. If nothing else Penguin Party surprised me in just how deep, challenging and rewarding it can get. — Curtis

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