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PSNStores PS Mobile Top 25

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Leaderboards. Sorry, I wanted to get that out of the way quickly just in case anyone important (*cough* Rami) stumbles upon this paragraph and only has time to read one line. Super Crate Box is a score chase game that looks like it takes place on a Super Mario Bros. 3 duel map. Each single-screen stage has a few platforms. Enemies stream onto the stage from the top of the screen and leave at the bottom. Your task is to collect as many randomly dropped boxes as possible while fending off or dodging the endless hordes of enemies. The big twist in SCB is that each time you collect a box, your weapon changes. It imbues the game with the correct amount of spontaneity, leading to undeniable urges to score more, jump more, play more. This is one of the cases where the gameplay is greater than the sum of its port; newcomers and SCB experts: this game is best on Vita. The only thing stopping me from picking it up and playing it every day is the fact that I can’t see a list of my friends’ scores. Leaderboards would make this game an integral Vita buy. — Eric

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Mononoke Slashdown is a hack and slash game from PSN newcomers F K Digital. You play as Kagemaru, a “traveling ascetic ninja” on a quest to save some villages from the clutches of evil monsters’ evil doings. There is a shop wherein you can spend your money gained from killing enemies and completing missions. For instance, you can increase your attack combo to up to six hits. Mononoke Slashdown is mindless, but not devoid of enjoyment. It comes packed with 35 missions, and if you’re not bored after beating it on Normal, you can go back and do it all again in Hard mode. I would definitely recommend it for the hack and slash fan looking for a few hours of brainless fun. — Eric

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Sometimes a game only needs to do one thing right to make it enjoyable. Magic Planet Snack Deluxe hooks you in almost immediately with its score attack gameplay. When I was at GDC back in March there were a ton of new and flashy games to check out, but the one that I had the most fun playing was Magic Planet Snack Deluxe. You are a wizard, you get turned into a space worm, you need to eat through planets. Nuff said. — Chris.

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Rymdkapsel is a minimalist strategy game in which you use tetris-like shapes to build and expand your space station. You’ll collect resources and create minions to build new weapons, gardens, kitchens and more. All as you fight off waves upon waves of invading enemies and expand towards monolithic structures that, when researched, will grant you a special boost. While it won’t take long to understand everything going on in the game there is some good depth there. Unfortunately after a few rounds of Rymdkapsel you’ll likely see all there is to see and there’s not many reasons to keep coming back. — Curtis

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We hadn’t found out about Tokyo Jungle Mobile until a week before it was released. This mobile version of PSNstores’ favorite post-apocalyptic animal sim is streamlined and will hold your attention for hours. Rather than being free moving, it uses a grid based world map. You can choose from carnivores and herbivores, leading to different play styles. No story mode in this version either, just a test to see how long you can survive the harsh environment. The longer you live means more animals to encounter and unlock. I only wish I had gotten my raptor to 100 years old… -– Brad

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