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PSNStores PS Mobile Top 25

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There aren’t too many rhythm games on PlayStation Vita, and for the price of admission Cytus Lambda might actually be the best. Packing well over 80 songs now this tap to the beat rhythm game is just as good as its full price competitors. If you have played any of the DJ MAX games you know the basic mechanics already. Dots will appear on-screen and you have to tap them in accordance with the song that is playing. The only thing I am a little down on is the selection of music. There doesn’t seem to be enough variety for my liking. The developers promising to continuing adding new music though, so maybe we will see. The first 10 or so songs are free to try out, so be sure to download this if you are a bemani/music game fan. — Chris

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Ten by Eight is one of the few PlayStation Mobile games I got to check out during E3. It is a puzzle game where you need to match like color square and try to make the biggest links of them as possible. There are a few different game modes, with endless being my personal favorite. Endless has you trying to play the game as long as possible while not allowing rocks to touch the bottom of the screen. You can make these rock disappear if you surround them in a chain of blocks. It sounds easy but it can be quite tricky. The music is really catchy too. When ever I play I usually have the song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Ten by Eight is just an all around solid puzzle game. — Chris

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The title might be a bit deceiving. Typically, one thinks of having a strict time limit to complete tasks when playing a ‘blitz’ game. However, Bullion Blitz grants the player ample time to fall in love with its jazzy soundtrack and simple gameplay. The game takes place on a 10 by x(the number varies per round) grid. There are three different colors of ingots (silver, gold, and… purple) that are worth increasingly more money when cleared. You can clear ingots by simply tapping them, but the point of Bullion Blitz is to stack ingots together into square/rectangular shapes. The bigger the shape, the bigger the payoff. It’s an easy mechanic to get the hang of, and once you do, you’ll start thinking several moves in advance in order to create mammoth blocks. The game features three modes of play. Quick Play sets cash targets from round to round and you play until you can’t reach a target. Quest mode is set up like a web of levels that task you to meet specific objectives in order to unlock other, harder levels. Puzzle mode is pretty similar to Quest mode, just with a different layout. There are 10 puzzles in each of three difficulties (guess…). They get difficult by the time you reach medium, so there’s definitely an ample amount of meat here. Quick Play mode is always available as long as you download the game (for free). The other two modes are unlocked by paying a nominal fee (~$1.50, if I remember correctly). You have no reason not to check this game out. It’s perfect for casual players, but can also appeal to those leaderboard topping fanatics. — Eric

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Shuttle Quest 2000 might just be PlayStation Mobile developer Thomas Hopper’s best game. He has put out a ton of content this year (Things like Out of Mind, Super Brain Eat 3), but Shuttle Quest was the most polished and creative game of the bunch. In it you have a sort of mash up between Monster Hunter and Gradius. Missions are bought and items are crafted in this retro styled horizontal shooter. The game is free to try, so if Monster Hunter meets shooter sounds like your type of game… check it out. — Chris

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In a 5×5, 10×10, or 15×15 you are tasked with filling in specific cells on a grid in order to create an image. These logic puzzles are known as Griddlers, Picross and various other names but Picbox offers the chance to solve these puzzles on your Vita. These logic puzzles are a lot of fun and a great way to kill time whenever bored. Picbox offers enough puzzles that should last you for quite some time as well. Unfortunately the puzzles that come with Picbox aren’t necessarily as challenging as others that you might find elsewhere. — Curtis

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