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PSNStores Weekly Roundup: September 10th – September 16th 2012

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A couple of weeks ago you might have heard Chris and Eric on the podcast talk about the puzzle-platformer Dokuro that they played at PAX Prime. Well if you were eagerly waiting for more info on this quirky Vita game we’ve got news for you: Dokuro will be available to download in North America in October. Also announced this week was that the critically acclaimed PC game Terraria will be coming to PSN. With new additional features added, you will be able to explore and craft in 2-D when the game is released in early 2013.

The Killzone Trilogy was announced last week to be coming out October 23rd on Blu-ray and with it a standalone HD version of the original Killzone will be released on PSN. With updated controls, graphics, and of course trophies this will be a great way to (re)experience the beginnings of the Killzone franchise. We also finally got clarification on the NA release date for Realms of Ancient War.  You can look forward to hacking and slashing in two weeks time on September 25.

In reviews  we have Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, which while having an awesome soundtrack is a bit lacking in content, and the odd but awesome animal survival game Tokyo Jungle. If words alone aren’t enough to convince to you play Tokyo Jungle you can also check out this half hour Gameplay Glimpse.

If you need a little help with choosing what to spend your hard earned money on you can check out the last two weeks of the PSNStores Live Stream for a glimpse at the latest PSN releases: Zen Pinball 2, Anomaly Warzone Earth, Machinarium, Jet Set Radio, Double Dragon Neon, and Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One Against All. In Sample Tracks this week Chris picks another three of his favorite community made Sound Shapes levels (and for past editions you can check out the archive here). Like always we end off with your Global Store Update and a Sneak Peek at next week’s NA update. All of this and more in this edition of the PSNStores Weekly Roundup:


Star Trek: The Next Generation Table Funded for The Pinball Arcade
Elvira Gives Her Blessing to The Pinball Arcade
SunFlowers Launches In Europe On Wednesday
Hulu Plus Gets a Face Lift in Latest Update v1.06
Terraria Coming To PSN Courtesy Of 505 Games
Ecolibrium Arrives On Vita In Europe Tomorrow
R.A.W. Release Dates Clarified
Killzone HD dropping on PSN October 23rd
Zombie Driver HD Rises from the Grave
Just Add Water Says “No Cross Save” for Stranger’s Wrath
Dokuro Saves the Princess this October on Vita
Elvira and the Party Monsters in Motion for The Pinball Arcade


★★★☆☆ Review: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD
★★★★☆ Review: Tokyo Jungle

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Global Store Update


Anomaly Warzone Earth
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Double Dragon Neon
F1 2012
FIFA Soccer 13
Hako! Open Me (Vita Demo)
Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One Against All
SunFlowers (Vita)


Anomaly: Warzone Earth ($9.99)
Double Dragon Neon ($9.99)
Red Johnson’s Chronicles: One Against All (£6.49 — €7.99 — $9.99)
Wicked Monsters Blast! HD (HK$78)


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (£57.99 — €69.99)
EA SPORTS FIFA Street (HK$463 — $59.99)
Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- Dreamy Theater Extend (¥3900)
Max Payne 3 (£31.99 — €39.99 — $59.99)
NHL 13 (£57.99 — €69.99 — $59.99)


La Pucelle: Tactics ($9.99)


Ecolibrium (Free)
Puzzle by Nikoli V: Numberlink (HK$23 — ¥500)
SunFlowers (£2.39 — €2.99)
Tokyo Game Show Detectives (Free)
Tottemo E Mahjong (¥1200)


Accel World: Awakening of the Silver Wing (¥6280)
Williams Pinball Classics (HK$100)


BounceBack (£2.49)
Enchanted Cavern (£1.99 — €2.49)
Ronnie O’Sullivan’s Snooker ($2.49)