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Just Add Water Says “No Cross Save” for Stranger’s Wrath

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Just Add Water just wrapped up a live stream showing off Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath gameplay on Vita a few hours ago. They played the game for the camera and demonstrated the smooth touch screen controls as well as the touch-enhanced menus.

In addition to showing how buttery smooth they were able to get the port running on Vita, thanks in part to Stranger’s Wrath running at a smooth frame rate and in native resolution on the 5″ OLED, JAW answered questions from the live stream chat.

To the question “will there be Cross Save support between PS3 and Vita”, they answered a firm “no.” The reason being that there is a 1MB limitation to Cross Save data files and the truth is that their save files are 3-5MB. They continued by saying they fully tried to make it work, but it was just not possible to reduce the save file to 1MB from 5MB.

Of course there are still people interested to know if Stranger’s Wrath on Vita will be free to people who purchased it on PS3. Just Add Water answered such a question today on their Twitter account saying “you will have to buy it again. We’re a small company and can’t really afford to give stuff away, sorry.”

Did you buy Stranger’s Wrath HD on PS3? Do you plan on picking it up for Vita as well? Let us know in the comments section below.

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