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Dokuro Saves the Princess this October on Vita

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Dokuro is a skeleton minion who works for the evil Dark Lord. When the Dark Lord brings a beautiful princess back to the castle, held against her will, Dokuro feels sorry for her and ceases an opportunity to rescue the captive princess. If this story intrigues you, Dokuro will be available for download on the PlayStation Vita on an unspecified date in October.

While we hate unspecified dates, we love quirky Japanese adventures. The story in Dokuro is meant to be relatable but at the same time draw you in to the environment through the imaginative puzzles utilizing both touch surfaces on the Vita. Discover new abilities like the Hero Transformation where Dokuro will turn into a handsome prince-like hero to whisk the princess to safety or hack enemies into tiny pieces. The front touch screen can be used to draw the solution of some puzzles using a piece of imaginary chalk. Maybe they can call it the Clint Eastwood Chalk.

Gungho Online Entertainment is localizing the adventure for English speaking territories. The video embedded above is not translated but shows the intro movie which sets the tone for the story.  If you happened to listening to the PSN Stores Podcast PAX 2012 Day 1, you may have heard talk of Dokuro. With its unique chalk drawing aesthetic and fairytale inspired story, this October couldn’t come any sooner.

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