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Star Trek: The Next Generation Table Funded for The Pinball Arcade

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FarSight Studios has confirmed that the Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball table has reached its funding goal of $45,000, in face surpassing it to reach a total of $47,854 thanks to 1,731 backers. As we may have mentioned before with one or more of the several other Pinball Arcade posts, FarSight Studios chooses to use Facebook to make announcements directly to the fans. They said this about the Star Trek table:

It’s fitting that today is the 46th anniversary of the airing of the first Star Trek episode. We’re proud to carry on the Star Trek legacy- on behalf of the entire team here at FarSight Studios, thank you for backing us! Star Trek: The Next Generation will definitely be coming your way!

While that is an example of good news coming from one of the top pinball developers, they have utilized their FB page for less positive announcements:

We need to let everyone know that a major problem has been discovered in the Pinball Arcade PlayStation3 update that was released in North America today. If your PS3 is set to the 480 or 720 display modes only the original four tables are visible in the table menu. The temporary solution is to use the 1080 display mode if you can. We will be submitting a new patch to Sony on Monday that fixes this problem and we hope to have it deployed within a week or so.

FarSight goes on to say that to remedy the situation they will be making some “immediate changes to their testing and submission procedures.” Many of their fans are sympathetic to the developer, though there are plenty that feel this has been an ongoing issue. There will be a patch, and this will be fixed, but does this type of thing turn you off to The Pinball Arcade or DLC and patching in general?

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