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Flip out for the Pinball Arcade Summer Sale launching August 19th

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In North America, the Pinball Arcade Summer Sale kicks off August 19th through September 2nd. The region specific deals will include Season One, Season One Pro, and Season One Pro Upgrade at 50% off their regular price. The PS3/Vita base game (reg. $9.99) and PS4 launch pack both including Tales of the Arabian Nights (already free on PS4), Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, Theatre of Magic, and Black Hole will be free to all. Sadly, no mention of PS Plus deals for NA.

However, the SCEE region PlayStation Store will host their Summer Sale October 6th through October 20th. The deals over there will offer 50% off PS4 Season One, Season One Pro, and Twilight Zone, with an extra 10% off for all those Plus subscribers. If you happen to own Season One on PS3/Vita already, get it on PS4 for 75% off, with an extra 10% off with Plus.


With the addition of the Diner table on mobile devices, Pinball Arcade now features 50 pinball tables. Currently, PS3 and Vita have 47 Cross-Buy entitled tables ready to purchase while PS4 lags a little behind with only 28 tables. By my calculations, it will cost $140 to own all 50 tables on PS3/Vita, that’s with the core pack being $10 and each table pack being $5. From table pack 20 on down, with the exception of three early premium tables like Star Trek and Twilight Zone, all the packs included two tables for $5. However, 21 through 29 are all $5 for just one table.

What do I think: While this isn’t the sale I was personally hoping for (discounts on all Pinball Arcade DLC tables and bundles), it’s a little something for those who may have been waiting to jump on the pinball simulator bandwagon. I think most of us are S… O… L.