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Zombie Driver HD Rises from the Grave

Posted by on September 13th, 2012 | 5 Comments | Tags: ,

Get your squeegees ready because this fall, there will be blood on the windshield.  EXOR Studios has announced the release date for their upcoming carnage-racing title, Zombie Driver HD.

Zombie Driver HD will feature a story campaign, race, eliminator, and survival modes.  A combo trick system and upgradeable weapons and vehicles round out the zombie-crushing vehicular mayhem.

Zombie Driver HD was originally scheduled as a late 2011 release but hit a delay.  The title will now be releasing simultaneously on XBLA and the PC on October 17, with the PSN release scheduled soon thereafter.  The XBLA cost is listed as $9.99, so we can assume the PSN release will have similar pricing.