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Elvira Gives Her Blessing to The Pinball Arcade

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The Mistress of the Dark herself needed to be procured to, well, procure the necessary licenses for two Elvira laden tables. Scared Stiff (1996) as well as Elvira and the Party Monsters (1989) were both manufactured by Bally and will both make their way to The Pinball Arcade as DLC for PS3 and Vita.

Its far too early to say when these tables will be released, but we’ve been swept away by the surplus of recent pinball releases for both The Pinball Arcade and Zen Pinball 2 to tide us over for a long time. Elvira makes a special appearance in the embedded YouTube video above just to solidify the volidity of this in yet another Pinball Arcade Facebook announcement.

On the plus side, no pun intended, a KickStarter was not needed to obtain these busty licenses. The Internet Pinball Database lists Scared Stiff at #14 and Elvira and the Party Monsters at #35 within the top 300 electronic pinball machines.