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Elvira and the Party Monsters in Motion for The Pinball Arcade

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FarSight Studios has released a video debuting some multiball pinball action for the newly announced Elvira and the Party Monsters table. It will eventually be released in another table pack for The Pinball Arcade for PS3 and Vita via PSN.

The Pinball Arcade is an unofficial Cross Buy enabled title allowing the purchase of either the PS3 or Vita version to unlock the other for free. All current table packs are also Cross Buy enabled, and so shall future packs be Cross Buy enabled. Below is an image of the table rules for the actual Elvira and the Party Monsters pinball table manufactured in 1989 by Bally.

The Pinball Arcade is available now for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, PS3, Vita, Xbox 360, and coming soon to Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS. It seems as though the Android and iOS versions get the tables well in advance of consoles. They are readying Taxi from table pack 5 for this months release while PS3 and Vita in North American are still awaiting table pack 4. EU is way behind I’m sorry to say. But the month of October will get you all caught up.

Further reading in the description for The Pinball Arcade on the Google Play Store reveals more upcoming tables including Twilight Zone (from their first KickStarter), Attack from Mars, Space Shuttle, and Big Shot. In addition to the above Elvira table, Elvira herself outed the Scared Stiff table which we posted about last week.