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PSNStores Weekly Roundup: October 14th – 20th 2013

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While the latest store update was an exciting one with the release of the first episode of The Wolf Among Us, my highlight of the week has to be the Balance of the Force table pack For Zen Pinball 2/Star Wars Pinball. Check out my thoughts on these new tables from Zen Studios and why I think it’s some of their best. In other non-pinball Zen Studios news they finally announced that their interesting tower defence/strategy game CastleStrom will be coming to the PS3 and Vita in the first store update in November for $9.99/€9.99.

The next PSM title from XMPT Games (makers of Penguin Party) will be launching on the platform in the next few weeks. Read our newest Dev Talks post to get all the info about Monster Hotel directly from one of the developers themselves.

Since its announcement I have been eagerly looking forward to hearing more about the stealth game Volume. During Eurogamer Ben did not only get a chance to play through a demo of the game, but also got to talk to the developer Mike Bithhell about the Project. While not as up close and personal I have a email Q&A for you with Yousuf Mapara of Switchblade Monkeys who are preparing Secret Ponchos for release on the PS4 early next year.

With the PS4 less then a month away we here at PSNStores are pretty excited especially for the great PSN games that are going to be available at launch, like Super Motherload which has a brand new trailer. We also received word that the Kickstarter funded game collection Sportsfriends will be coming to the PS4 shorty after the launch on PS3 in January 2014. Exciting news for fans of local multiplayer.

Until next week here is your PSNStores Weekly Roundup:


Sportsfriends Coming to PS4
Ethan: Meteor Hunter coming to PS3 on October 22nd
Artist Conley Smith draws Golden Nights for PSM
Learn How To Survive in Eko Software’s new survival horror zombiefest
New trailer for PS4 launch title Super Motherload. Now playable at specific retailers.
OMG! HD Zombies headed to North American Vitas in time for Halloween
CastleStorm Coming To PS3 And Vita in November

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PlayStation Mobile Update

 Fractopia ( $1.99 / £1.59 / ¥200 )

Global Store Update


Atomic Ninjas (Vita) – 197MB
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS3) – 1.4GB
Pacific Rim (PS3) – 425MB
The Wolf Among Us (PS3) – 720MB


Cabela’s African Adventures – $39.99 (5.7GB)
Champion Jockey – $19.99 (2.2GB)
God of War: Ascension – $39.99 (34GB)
Pacific Rim – $9.99 (425MB)
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Special Editions – $9.99 (118MB)
The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 – Faith – $4.99 (722MB)


Angry Birds Trilogy – $39.99 (216MB)
Valhalla Knights 3 – $39.99 (898MB)

Full content for the week can be found here

Full content for the week can be found here

Full content for the week can be found here