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Ethan: Meteor Hunter coming to PS3 on October 22nd

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This trailer above, if it can even be considered a trailer rather than an animated short, is meant to inaugurate the announcement that Ethan: Meteor Hunter is coming to PS3 this month. In fact, October 22nd in North America and October 23rd (23 October) in Europe. What price are you willing to pay to play as a rodent?

Hopefully not much, and thankfully it won’t be that much. Ethan: Meteor Hunter is debuting on the PlayStation Store alongside the PC release with a respectable price of just $9.99. Europe will pay only €9.99, so it shouldn’t break the bank to support an indie dev that can’t spell seven.

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Seaven Studio says that Ethan: Meteor Hunter is a “fast-paced and extremely challenging puzzle-platforming adventure through more than 50 levels and three different worlds.” You’ll play as Ethan, a mouse on a quest to…what’s that?…you are correct…hunt for meteor fragments. Along with its innovative telekinetic puzzle mechanic which Ethan gains from the meteor chunks, you’ll search for hidden levels and cheese. He is a mouse after all.

Check out this video of the many ways to die as Ethan throughout many of the game’s puzzles. Let everyone know what your thoughts are on the game in the comments section below.