Learn How To Survive in Eko Software’s new survival horror zombiefest

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How To Survive looks to be a mashup of zombie filled survival games in one good looking package. And survival is a very operative word, as Eko Software has developed a game that requires players exercise actual survival skills up to a certain realistic degree. Beyond that is Frankenstein weapon creations with a roll of duct tape.

505 Games is bringing How To Survive to PSN for PS3 sometime this month. In the game, you must keep your survivor fed, hydrated, rested, healthy, and armed to the teeth. Gauges and skill trees help to keep the pace of the game moving along. From what we’ve seen in the above trailer, it’s possible that inspiration for the isometric camera position was taken from games like Dead Nation, while the methodical survival tactics and enemy takedowns were from games like Dead Island or Left For Dead.

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Given all the examples for inspiration listed above, we have to give some credit to Eko Software for coming up with a name for the game that not only makes sense, but does not include the word “dead” in the title.