PSNStores Weekly Roundup: April 8th – 14th 2013 | PSNStores

PSNStores Weekly Roundup: April 8th – 14th 2013

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This week seen the release of a game all of us here at PSNStores have been (im)patiently waiting for since its announcement. That’s right Guacamelee! the newest game from Drinkbox Studios was released on the store and I haven’t played anything else on my Vita since I grabbed it Tuesday night. It was well worth the wait though with its great mechanics and high level of polish, which you can read all about in Eric’s review. You can also hear about Guacamelee! in the newest episode of the Podcast and see the game in action, along with Terraria, Voodoo Chronicles, and Tiny Token Empires, in this weeks Stream Show.

Ubisoft had it’s annual Digital Days event which seen them announce Far Cry 3 Blood Dragons, Flashback, and Cloudberry Kingdom for PSN for this year. Check out the post to see trailers and info for each and I hope you get as excited for Cloudberry Kingdom as I am. The Vita received a new firmware update this week upgrading the browser, email, PS+, and adding the ability to create folders which you can see a tutorial on how to do in the newest edition of PSNStores Tips & Tricks. This week was pretty slim for PSM with no new releases, but we do have some info on the upcoming game Magic Planet Snack Deluxe. Check out some screen shots and Chris’s hands on thoughts of the game to see why you may want to add it to the “Addicting” folder on your gamechanger when it launches late this month.


Thunder Wolves Trailer Touches Down
Vita Firmware 2.10 Is Now Live
Prepare Your Finger For Draw Slasher Coming to Vita April 23
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Flashback, and Cloudberry Kingdom Announced For PSN At Ubisoft Digital Days


★★★★★ Guacamelee!
★★★1/2☆☆ Terraria

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PlayStation Mobile Update

No new releases but Lemmings received a patch

Global Store Update

PSN Games

Guacamelee! (Crossbuy) – $14.99 / 550 MB

PS3 Games

Anarchy Reigns – $29.99 / 12.9 GB
John Daly’s ProStroke Golf – $14.99 / 2.2 GB
Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. – $19.99 / 6.7 GB
X-Com Enemy Unknown – $39.99 / 7.7 GB

PS2 Games

Fatal Frame – $9.99 / 2.6 GB

PS1 Games

Evergreen Avenue – $5.99 / 317 MB
Favorite Dear (Jyunpaku No Yogensha) – $5.99 / 317 MB
Mahjong Youchien Tamago-gumi $5.99 / 80.4 MB

Vita Games

Guacamelee! (Crossbuy) – $14.99 / 327 MB
Table Mini-Golf – $1.99 / 149 MB

PSN Games

Guacamelee! (Cross-buy) – £9.99/€12.99 (MB)

PS3 Games

Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge – £29.99/€39.99 (3.4 GB)
Rugby League Live 2 – £39.99/€49.99 (2.4 GB)

Vita Games

Guacamelee! (Cross-buy) – £9.99/€12.99 (MB)
Table Mini Golf – £1.59/€1.99 (148 MB)

PS3 Games

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – ¥4990 / 11.5 GB
Dream C Club: Complete Edipyon! – ¥6090 / 3.4 GB
Dynasty Warriors: Multi Raid Special – ¥2000 / 7.4 GB

Vita Games

Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur Free / 761 MB

PSP Games

Sangokuhime 2 ~Tenka Hatou Shishi no Keishousha~ – ¥5040 / 547 MB


Fuel Overdose (PS3) – 236 MB

PS3 Games

Dream C Club: Complete Edipyon! ¥HK$418 / 3.4 GB

PS2 Games

Full House Kiss – HK$72 / 1.9 GB