Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Flashback, and Cloudberry Kingdom Announced For PSN At Ubisoft Digital Days

Posted by on April 11th, 2013 | 1 Comment | Tags: , ,

Ubisoft has announced at their annual Digital Days event that Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, Flashback, and Cloudberry Kingdom will all be making their way to PSN later this year. We have trailers for all three games to share with you.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Ubisoft Montreal will be making a stand alone Far Cry 3 spin-off called Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. It is pretty much an homage to all things ’80s action. It is coming to PSN real soon, April 30th soon. So enjoy the trailer above and look forward to our review in a few weeks.


Flashback is a re-imagined version of the original game with the same title. The work is being done by VectorCell, creators of Amy. I think we all know about my thoughts on Amy. But most of the core members of the Flashback team seem to work there so maybe this will turn out better.

Cloudberry Kingdom

Cloudberry Kingdom is coming to both PS3 and Vita later this year. It is a platformer where all the levels are generated randomly. This can either be really good or really bad. I really want to see the game for myself, because if it works it could be something that is really interesting. There is 4 player local co-op and a bunch of different modes. Kevin Sorbo is even providing some voice work. Levels can be shared between friends, so look forward to some impossible levels made by yours truly.