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PSNStores Tips & Tricks 3: Bubble Folders and Giant Blue Pointer

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Hot on the heels of the latest Vita firmware update version 2.10 is this here PSNStores Tips & Tricks 3, where we’ll show you how to create folders for your games and junk apps better than that EU video did. Also, how to use the giant blue pointer in the Vita internet browser.

The first tip is more of a tutorial, but nothing like that terrible EU PlayStation video embedded in our firmware announcement post. The process is really simple, started by long pressing an app or game icon to enter the entire Vita OS into edit mode. Now you can see a settings button indicated by the “…”. You’ve likely already used this button to delete a game, but you can also select Information to view the details of the game file including its version number. New to this menu is “Create Folder” which is all you need to tap to complete this entire tutorial. Just drag and drop other games or apps into the folder and rename it by tapping the text field at the top. Once you’re done editing/creating the folder, tap the back arrow.

Next up is a tip submitted by Tyler Olthoff for people with fat fingers. He sent an email to podcast@psnstores.com, which we encourage everyone to do to submit more tips and tricks. While using the internet browser on your favorite website (for example www.psnstores.com), hold either shoulder button while touching the front screen and BOOM, a giant blue pointer will appear. Guide this pointer around the screen with your touch and use it to select small hyperlinks buried deep within text or images that may otherwise require a pinch-to-zoom.

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