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Thunder Wolves Trailer Touches Down

Posted by on April 8th, 2013 | 2 Comments | Tags:

Curtis covered the announcement trailer for Thunder Wolves back in September of last year. Sparing no expense on goofy voice overs, it announces the game as a helicopter action game for PSN and other platforms. This time, without the Ubisoft logo, we get to see some explosive gameplay footage from the bitComposer Games published, Most Wanted Entertainment developed aerial shooter.

The release date was once penciled in for Q1 2013. If you watched the trailer through to the end, then you should have noticed that’s changed to Q2 2013. Video game releases work in mysterious ways, don’t they. Aside from Chopper HD, there is definitely room in our digital games libraries for a helicopter game. Especially one with such a unique co-op mode featuring a pilot and gunner operating the same chopper.

Key features for Thunder Wolves as written by bitComposer includes:

  • old school helicopter action
  • fully-destructible environments
  • 9 different choppers
  • arsenal of weapons
  • 13 missions across four regions
  • stealth, escort, and seek-and-destroy objectives
  • tons of enemies from infantry to land vehicles and of course enemy choppers
  • spectacular boss battles
  • “Tag Team” local multiplayer mode

Q2 2013 ends June 30th, so stay tuned here on PSNStores.com for more information on Thunder Wolves for PSN. Do you guys think this might mean the mid-80’s TV show Airwolf was the inpiration for the “old school helicopter action” they speak of above?