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PSNStores Weekly Roundup: December 24th – 30th 2012

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I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Between the cakes, cookies, turkey, (and of course the scattered holiday drink) I am surprised I was still able to get out of the bed this morning. In between the feasts and family I have been greatly enjoying one of my Christmas gifts, Persona 4 Golden which is one that is sure to take up a lot of my time in the coming year. Anyone get any awesome games under the tree this year?

Futurlab’s gave us all a Christmas gift this year announcing another title that they will be releasing on the Vita in the New Year: Coconut Dodge! Originally released on Minis in 2010, Coconut Dodge became quite an obsession for some of the editors here and ended up nabbing our Game of the Year for 2010. With HD graphics, trophies, and online leaderboards you can expect the game to have a permanent place on our Vita`s in 2013.

While we are still trying to pick our personal Games of the Year (which you will be seeing on the site this week) you can now voice your own opinions in the first ever PSNStores Reader Choice awards. The first round is already over and seen some of my personal favorites knocked out (Surge, Dyad, and Derrick the Deathfin to name a few). With the second round ending Monday night make sure to cast your vote to keep your favorites in the running.

In reviews this week we have Curtis`s review of the randomly generating twin stick shooter Big Sky Infinity. Ben also spent some time with the Vita version of Stranger`s Wrath HD and wrote up some impressions on this new edition.

While you won`t find much new in tomorrows update (you can check out our Sneak Peek to get the details) thanks to a user on the PlayStation forums we know what to expect from the NA update for PS+ tomorrow: NBA Jam: On Fire Edition and Chronovolt for free and sales on some great games like Sound Shapes and Tokyo Jungle.  Make sure to check out our interview with PlayerThree the developers of Chronovolt for more information on this interesting looking puzzle title.

With this being the final Roundup for the year I wanted to finish off wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable New Year!


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