Monday’s PS+ Games And Sales Leaked By Changing PS3 Date

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One user on the Official PlayStation forums has found out some of the content of this coming week’s PlayStation Store publish. Most notably the new games for PS+ and some of the Snowy Day Deals.

For starters, the free PS3 game added to the Instant Game Collection will be NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. We already knew that Chronovolt would be coming to PS+ for free, but we now know that it will be $4.99 for everyone else.

Some sales include Sound Shapes being 50% off for PS+ members (30% for regular users), BulletStorm and Skullgirls will also have similar sales. Deus Ex Human Revolution looks to be 50% as well and Tokyo Jungle has a price of $10.49 so it might be part of the sale too.

We will have confirmation of all of this on Monday when the PlayStation Blog makes its weekly post.

[Source: US PlayStation Forums]
[Via: Just Push Start]