Push Downloads To PS3 From The SEN Web Store Coming This May

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One of the most requested features for PlayStation owners who use the SEN web store has been the ability to have content purchased via the webstore be automatically downloaded on their PlayStation 3. We now have a date for when this feature is going live thanks to firmware 4.40 patch notes.

System software update 4.40 will allow users to download content purchased from our online store to their PS3. This feature is not available yet and will be activated in May 2013. Keep an eye on eu.playstation.com for a detailed guide explaining how to make the most of this feature.

Starting this May in Europe purchases from the webstore will be automatically downloaded to your PS3 if it is connected to the internet. Along with firmware 4.40 this past week, the PlayStation Store also saw an update which sheds some light on this news.

There is no mention of this on the US firmware page, so I will contact Sony first thing on Monday to see if push downloads will be coming stateside around the same time frame.

[Source: PlayStation UK]

  • About time. Now if they would just do the search feature on our download history.

    • killquick

      I have been wondering why we never had this from the start, hopefully it will be coming with this update’s update.

    • My guess it won’t be on PS3, but PS4. No reason why it can’t be there now if it’s possible to do it. Can’t be that hard can it?

  • yes

  • hope they add this feature to the vita

    • killquick

      That would be nice to have this on the Vita also just have to remember to keep my Vita on over night because it doesn’t turn on automatic unless with this update it changes it.

  • Is it going to turn your ps3 on to download it then.

    • killquick

      It should this is a feature the plus has and ever morning my system turns on install updates & sync my trophies while I sleep