The PlayStation Store Has An Update: Now Version 1.04

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Hot off the heels of the PS3 firmware release last night, The PlayStation Store has an update today bringing it to version 1.04.

The new version of the PlayStation Store is 29 MB, which happens to be 4 MB larger than previous patches. But as usual we have no clue what this patch actually fixed/added.

I will play around with the store a little bit and update anything I find. I can tell you right now, it is still slow to load, you can’t filter lists more than once, nor can you search your download list. So maybe it is just a stability patch, as the store has been having issues as of late.

[H/T: @ManuelStanislao]

  • Since the update the store will no longer connect for me.

  • Gt

    One thing It added is the requirement to enter you password for ‘purchasing’ free items as well when actually buying something… Very irritating!

    Anyone have any idea how to file a bug report?

    • I don’t have to put my password in when I buy stuff, never have done

    • GT

      There is an option to require password with purchases under account settings that used to mean that you needed to enter your password when you purchased something that cost money.. this is very useful if you have children in the house as they can still get hold of free stuff but cannot actually spend money without your approval, this change has now made the whole process very irritating.

  • LouieT

    Crackle is now integrated into the Movies and TV Shows sections of the PlayStation Store.


  • reptilia82

    i am not able to download this new version 1.04 on my playstation via internet. it just doesnt work! the same goes for the 33 mb update required for bioshock infinite; it just gets to 75% and gives in!! how or where can i download these patches on my laptop to hard transfer to my ps3 anybody please? very frustrating this


    • bhav

      same issue here..has anyone figure out to solve this issue


    I went into PSN store this morning and it said i had to update it to 1.04 so i tried it but it wont update it got to 1% then said error, please help as im in the process of buying a PSN card and using it on a game.