PSNStores Reader Choice Award (Round 1 Voting Over)

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We are giving you a chance to voice your opinion this year. Below is our first ever “Reader Choice Award”, where you the reader will pick what your game of the year was for the PlayStation Network. The games below were picked from Vita, PSN, minis, and PlayStation Mobile.

The voting for Round 1 will go until Sunday. You can see the bracket underneath the polls. So let us hear what your favorite PlayStation Network game was this year!

  • Chris

    Who do you think has the hardest bracket?

    • Derrick the Deathfin vs Sound Shapes isn’t fair on Derrick, and Dyad vs Super Stardust is a real tough one to decide.

    • Golwar

      Yep, just tweeted the same thing. Derrick had the worst luck of all.

      I didn’t vote on some other brackets because I didn’t know any of both games at all. Not even their names. Perhaps a little introduction on those PSM and Mini titles would help.

    • Eric G

      TOMB or Sound Shapes is going to knock out the dastardly Journey

  • KosmoCrisis

    I’m stumped at N personally. But anything going up against The Walking Dead or Journey is just suicide.

  • Eric G

    only half of my votes made it through. bullion blitz should have made it through imo, as well as retro/grade and dyad. i liked the games they were up against but r/g and dyad were both great games that breathed some new life into this year’s lot.