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PSNStores 2014 Game of the Year Awards: Day Two

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Day two of our 2014 Game of the Year Awards belongs to the winners of Whity the Dolphin’s Character of the Year, Best Multiplayer Game, Best PS3 Game, and our Best Vita Game. Every category today was decided by a single vote with Best PS3 and Best Vita both going through multiple tie-breaker rounds. Needless to say these categories were super close.

Monokuma (Danganronpa 1 & 2)

Monokuma is a sadistic animatronic bear who plays a similar roll to Jigsaw from the SAW movies. What makes Monokuma so great and so memorable (aside from some huge spoilers that I won’t mention here) is just the way that he acts, the way he talks, and the theme that plays whenever he enters a scene. He’s funny and every scene with him is just fun, but Monokuma is deadlier than just about anything else in these games. There wasn’t a character this year that I enjoyed seeing enter a scene more than Monokuma. If we had a “Life of the Party Award” Monokuma would win that too. Monokuma’s character takes a pretty dark premise and lightens the mood in a way that doesn’t feel corny. The GIF below, from the anime, offers a pretty good representation of Monokuma’s sillier side.

There’s a lot to learn about just what Monokuma is, but that’s a roller coaster ride of emotions that I’ll let you take for yourself.

Monokuma’s also got a lot of pretty great quotes like this: “Did you just say I’ve got the nicest butt on the block? The curviest hips in town? Is that what you just said!?”

Honorable Mentions: Skeleton (Chariot), Clementine (The Walking Dead Season 2)


Sportsfriends takes our awards for Best Multiplayer and Best PS3 Game. Hokra, Super Pole Riders, J.S. Joust, and BaraBariBall make for a fantastic package and easily one of the best games to bring out with friends. I know I personally never laughed harder than I did while playing Super Pole Riders with friends this year.

Honorable Mentions (Multiplayer): Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, TowerFall Ascension
Honorable Mentions (PS3): Rogue Legacy, Geometry Wars 3, Luftrausers, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

Destiny of Spirits

Elle: Destiny of spirits is a fun, social game with fantastic art for the spirits. It becomes addicting quick. When you clear areas and trade rare spirits with other people around the world it makes the game enjoyable. I liked the idea that the spirits are based off myths and legends where you need to strategize how to defeat them with different elemental spirits. The most unique feature of the game is where you can hunt for spirits wherever you travel with your Vita. You can get common to super rare spirits depending on your distance. This game is a Great Blessing and a Bad Luck curse. If you’re a collector, I got bad news for you, the encyclopedia is never going to end.

Honorable Mentions: Danganronpa, 1001 Spikes

Tomorrow we introduce our winners for Best Story, Best Visuals, Best Soundtrack, and Best PS4 Game. All of this as we inch towards our overall Game of the Year on Friday. Until then be sure to check out some of the personal favorites:


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