PSNStores 2014 Game of the Year Awards: Day Four

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We’ve reached the final day and it’s time to reveal our pick for 2014’s Game of the Year.

Velocity 2X

When it was all said and done Velocity 2X was the one game that stood out as our favorite. Eric wrote down some thoughts on Velocity 2X below, but you can also check out his review from earlier this year for some expanded thoughts.

Eric: When I had a PSP Go, Coconut Dodge is what I’d show friends and family who wanted to see what that portable doohickey had on it that was better than Tetris. When Velocity released (and later, Velocity Ultra), that was the game I’d use to show off my Vita. Other games may look fancier, and I hear there are AAA titles on the system, but I’m addicted to seeing people’s faces the first time they truly get a hang of short-form teleporting. I don’t usually hang around long enough for them to experience long-form teleportation, but I fondly remember the first time I teleported back to the beginning of a section and thought, “woah.” Now that I have Velocity 2X on my PS4 and my Vita, I have double the opportunities to sell platforms to whomever is hanging around at the time.

We’ll continue to post our personal favorites over the next few days. Also be sure to check out the previous three days of Game of the Year coverage if you haven’t already. What were your favorite games from 2014? How do our picks match up with yours? Let us know in the comments below!


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