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Huge OlliOlli Announcement Reveals Patch Release Date, Cross-Buy, and Giveaway

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Finally, as we feel the pain incurred by that mischievous OlliOlli crash bug, a patch has been confirmed to squish said bug dead. It is currently rolling through the final stage of certification within Sony and should be released before June 20th, says developer Roll7 in a recent press release.

A second patch is in the works aimed at fleshing out the existing leaderboards into ones that show global standings. That means you’ll no longer feel like your score is any good when it’s compared to the world’s best. Maybe Justin Massongill won’t feel the effect, but humans like you or I sure will.

OlliOlli’s success has enabled the indie UK developer to keep busy with a proper OlliOlli port on PS3, PS4, and PCs. And with the power of PlayStation Network, OlliOlli is now a full-blown PS3/PS4/Vita Cross-Buy and Cross-Save title. Meaning if you’ve enjoyed it on Vita, then you’ll be enjoying it on PS3 and PS4 for no additional cost!

Simon Bennett, Founding Director, and the Roll7 team are all ecstatic that the patch is soon-to-be released. Even still, they must press on with Not A Hero and the OlliOlli ports, though not without announcing a sizeable giveaway.

It has taken a long time, but we finally got through it. We have a fantastic Summer ahead and there is no better way to celebrate than handing out 100 copies of the game to our fans.

For more details on how to get one of the 100 free copies of OlliOlli, be sure to follow @Roll_7 on Twitter and/or on Facebook for more details. Are you excited for the patch? Have you seen my revealing interview with John Ribbins from back when OlliOlli first came out? Get excited for what’s to come from Roll7, as they are a very capable dev team and one to keep an eye on.