PSNStores Live Chat with OlliOlli’s Creative Director John Ribbins

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What more can be said about OlliOlli that hasn’t already been mentioned in my review of the Vita’s newest (and only) skateboarding game? A ton in fact, and it’s all here in this previously recorded Hangout On Air with John Ribbin.

He talks about how Roll7 came to be and about the inception of OlliOlli. Quite a few interesting and helpful facts came to light during the discussion. Including, but not limited to, the name of the faceless skateboarder, how to pull of a 180 and go fakie for bigger combos, and what is next for the game.

I’ll give you a tiny hint on that last one…more.

As always, I hope you enjoy watching our live video chats with some really great indie developers as much as I have enjoyed participated in them. More are planned, but tell us which developers/games would you like us to speak to next?