OlliOlli joins FIFA and Madden for Best Sports Game nomination in BAFTAs 2015

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One of our favorite digital indie games has recently been lifted up to an even higher standard. The British Academy Games Awards known as the BAFTAs have nominated Roll7’s pixel-art skateboarding game OlliOlli for Best Sports Game along with such renowned titles as Madden NFL 15, Trials Fusion, FIFA 15, Forza Horizon 2, and Football Manager 2015.

We congratulate the creative minds behind OlliOlli for their nomination and recognize John Ribbins, Simon Bennett, and Tom Hegarty as winners-that-don’t-yet-know-it.



For me, playing OlliOlli for the first time was an overwhelming experience. I was playing an advanced copy for the review and couldn’t say too much about it. That killed me because this game needed to be shared and talked about immediately. I wanted my friends to be playing it with me.

It will soon be up to OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood to carry the burden of being a trailblazing indie skateboarding game’s sequel.