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[UPDATE] Roll 7 stealth announces Not A Hero as next game

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Roll 7 is currently known amongst Vita owners as the developer that made OlliOlli. Their success with its release exclusively on Vita can likely be attributed to their unique way of thinking that their games won’t sell and will be a critical and commercial failure.

While I’m not sure this strategy will or will not be deployed in Not A Hero, it’s possible their efforts to create a uniquely 2 1/4D game using ISO-Slant™ technology will generate interest. Not A Hero is further described as a cover-based shooter with an antihero named Steve.

On a mission to clean up the city for a creepy purple bunny mayoral candidate during election time, he must unleash his power to shoot, slide and dive through five districts laden with filthy crime. There is much in the way of story to speculate plenty with only the first few lines of plot divulged by Roll 7.

1. Who is this anthropomorphic rabbit/mayoral candidate from the future named BunnyLord really, and why does he want to be mayor of a city with so much crime?

2. Why is Steve the best volunteer to spearhead a violent cleanup crew?

3. Who are these other militant types that Steve recruits along the way, and why didn’t they volunteer instead of Steve?

I’m sure we’ll come up with more questions as more information is revealed about Not A Hero. For now, take a look at the game facts thus far and be sure to tell us what you think about the premise of this game in the comments section below.

  • Next Level Shootouts – Use the quick snap cover system to duck behind all forms of covers to dodge enemy fire and strategically plan your next clip-emptying strike. Reload at your own discretion but don’t let the enemy hear you lest they charge your position and put you down.
  • Roster of Not Heroes – Select between different total badasses each with their own distinct gameplay style and abilities to take out the trash if you consider criminals trash. Go hard with a shotgun, go quick with a dash and a katana, or go raw with your bare hands.
  • Dynamic Missions – Go ham on primary objectives and risky secondary goals but be prepared for unexpected mid-level events that turn the tables on your hero in an instant. Nothing will put a damper in your perfectly timed-executions like a nosy SWAT team or building security patrol.

[Source: Roll 7]

UPDATE – The official press release has gone out this morning and includes release details. Devolver Digital and Roll 7 are preparing a playable alpha build for Rezzed in Burmingham, England March 28-30 and the stateside PAX East in Boston on April 11-13. Not A Hero will be coming to PS4 in Fall 2014.