Roll7 says OlliOlli’s success on Vita means a PS3 and PS4 version this Summer

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OlliOlli was the 8-bit looking handdrawn side-scrolling bail-athon Vita hit of January and it looks to have done well enough for a PS3 and PS4 version to be in the works. While this is something I’ve known was coming for quite a while, it’s finally nice to make the news known publicly. The big brother console release is due sometime this Summer, and Roll7’s director Simon Bennett says it already feels real nice!

We already have a first playable up and running on the PS4, it’s like our little OlliOlli grew up and got some balls! Really feels amazing on the Dualshock™ too…

I’m inclined to believe them, as the Vita version version was easily one of my favorite games in a long time. Roll7 has read our review, and those others out there, and have been planning to roll out a nice update along with the fix to a particularly annoying crash bug. Devolver Digital was announced as bringing OlliOlli to Mac, PC, and Linux.

Now, excuse me while I fail to crush the Daily Grind for the 45th time.