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PSNStores Weekly Roundup: December 9th – 15th 2013

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If you are a fan of Backgammon and feel that it has been mostly unrepresented in video game form we’ve got some great news for you. Backgammon Blitz was announced a bit ago and will be hitting PSN in Europe this week (NA in January) and Nick had the chance to sit down and virtually chat with Robert Karp from The Fyzz Facility about this new title. We also received word that VooFoo Studios, the makers of Hustle Kings, are working on Pure Pool for the PS4 and that we will see not one, but two PS4 Pinball games releasing on PSN this Tuesday. Vita owners also have a lot to look forward to in Tuesday’s update as eight games will also be releasing, including flOw, Furmins, Runner 2, and Eufloria HD. Which games are you looking forward to spending time with this week?

Here is your PSNStores Weekly Roundup for December 9th – 15th:


VooFoo Studios and Ripstone call the shots in Pure Pool on PS4 in 2014
Development on Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition is “nearly finished” for PS3 and Vita
Bit.Trip Runner 2 coming to PS Vita December 17th
Furmins launching on Vita December 17th
Update 11: Valkyr Unleashed is now available for Warframe on PS4
flOw PS4 and Vita added to games releasing next week
Marvel Vs. Capcom content being removed from PSN this week


★★★★½☆ Eufloria HD Vita
★★★★ Chromatic Aberration

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PlayStation Mobile Update

Chromatic Aberration ( $3.99 / £3.19 )
Quiet Christmas ( $0.99 / £0.79 )

Global Store Update


Doki-Doki Universe – 1008MB (PS3, PS4, Vita)
Puppeteer – 1.8GB

PS3 Games

Doki-Doki Universe – $14.99 (1008MB)
Strength of the Sword 3 – $4.99 (411MB)

PS4 Games

Doki-Doki Universe – $14.99 (1008MB)

Vita Games

Doki-Doki Universe – $14.99 (1008MB)
Mahjong Royal towers – $4.99 (152MB)
Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God – $34.99 (919MB)


Doki-Doki Universe – 1007MB
Terraria – 31.9MB

PS2 Games

Capcom vs SNK 2: Mark of the Millunium 2001 – £7.99/€9.99 – (233MB)

PS3 Games

Doki-Doki Universe – £5.99/€7.49 – (1007MB)

PS4 Games

Doki-Doki Universe – £5.99/€7.49 – (1007MB)
Tiny Brains – £16.99/€19.99

Vita Games

Doki-Doki Universe – £5.99/€7.49 – (1007MB)
Terraria – £11.99/€14.99 – (31.9MB)