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VooFoo Studios and Ripstone call the shots in Pure Pool on PS4 in 2014

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Not content with just porting Hustle Kings over to PS4, VooFoo Studios and Ripstone Games are prepared to announce Pure Pool today. In what can now be called a series, the “pure” games aim to set the bar for realism and authentic gameplay. Pure Pool on PS4 will raise that bar.

It’s now a battle for supremacy in the billiards space on PlayStation 4. Publisher Ripstone have kept this game announcement under wraps until today. We’ve been waiting patiently for word from Cherry Pop Games about their next-gen port of Pool Nation dubbed Pool Nation FX. Which will come first to the PlayStation Network for PS4 gamer consumption?

The only real details about Pure Pool in the press release and subsequent PlayStation Blog post is the catchy phrase “Play. Spectate. Compete.” Sounds like “Play. Create. Share.” from the brilliant marketing behind LittleBigPlanet. If we speculate what the “spectate” part of that could mean, we could come up with some interesting outcomes as to how you’d find a match online.

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I think the expectation for photo-realism in billiards is a given, but VooFoo promise to make Pure Pool a game every PS4 owner will want to download. Let us know what you think about the next-gen pool offerings so far. Have you a favorite?