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flOw PS4 and Vita added to games releasing next week

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Eric Fong from Sony Santa Monica Studios has jumped onto the official PlayStation Blog to announce that his second PS3 to PS4 port is coming out December 17th. We can now add flOw to the growing list of games releasing in just a few days.

With Flower, Sounds Shapes and Escape Plan having been released for every intended PlayStation platform (read our Flower PS4 review here), flOw is the last to be released for Vita and PS4. Best of all, if you’ve already purchased flOw on PS3, you get it free on PS4 and Vita. Unfortunately, the PSP version does not count as part of the Cross-Buy scheme.

thatgamecompany changed the face of gaming for a lot of developers and gamers alike, and it all started from flOw. The title is almost foreshadowing in a way. By today’s standards, paying $5.99 for three copies of one of PlayStation 3’s most inspiring games of the generation is a steal. There is also some DLC for just $1.99.

Have you played flOw in recent memory? Do you have any unique memories playing the game back on PS3? Are you looking forward to playing it again on PS4? Please do chime in down in the comments section below.