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Update 11: Valkyr Unleashed is now available for Warframe on PS4

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While I really enjoyed my time with the f2p PS4 launch title Warframe when I reviewed it a couple of weeks ago, one of my complaints was that since its release a major update came out for the PC version putting the PS4 version a step behind. The developer Digital Extremes stated that they wanted to keep both versions on par with each other update wise, but with past experiences (i.e. Awesomenauts, Dungeon Defenders) I was a little worried that they would run into problems doing so.

But it seems PS4 players didn’t have to wait that long at all since Update 11, titled Valkyr Unleashed, is now available for players to enjoy. The update brings new content to experience, new gameplay mechanics, updates to the damage model, and more. You can check out the full list of additions below:

Update 11: VALKYR UNLEASHED, available December 12th on PlayStation®4, is loaded with new environments, Warframes, weapons, and more – including the introduction of the new Berserker Warframe – Valkyr.  We have listened to the Warframe community at large and implemented tons of their feedback into this update.  IT’S HUGE!  Below are the highlights of what’s new in this update.

VALKYR – Forged in the labs of the Zanuka project, Valkyr was subject to cruel experiments leaving her scarred, angry and frighteningly adept at killing.
EMBER PRIME – Ember Prime joins the ranks of Excalibur Prime, Mag Prime and Frost Prime as the newest elite Tenno.

TWO NEW BOSSES –Take down Sargas Ruk and Alad V!

NEW TILESET – The Hunt for Alad V Event will reveal The Corpus Gas City. Exciting new gameplay awaits for all who participate!

… and there’s so much more!

NEW DAMAGE SYSTEM – A re-vamped damage system breaks physical damage into puncturing, impact and slashing damage, causing differentiation between weapons and varied enemy resistance. Players will need to get to know the enemy to learn the best way to take them down.

NEW WEAPONS – The double-barreled Tigris Shotgun, the half whip, half taser Corpus Lecta and the Cestra minigun are now available in the Arsenal.

NEW PRIME WEAPONS – Glaive Prime and Sicarus Prime join the elite Prime Arsenal!

NEW RESOURCE DRONE – The Titan Extractor will travel the Star Chart and collect resources for you while you’re away from the game.

NEW CODEX SYSTEM – Scans of enemies and objects reveal important information.

NEW WARFRAME SKINS – Eight new Immortal Skins for Warframe customization.

NEW TRADING SYSTEM – Introduction of The Trading Post allows players to exchange goods within the game starting with Mods and Keys.

CLAN DOJO UPDATES – The Barrack, Research Labs, and Power Room have been updated.

Source: warframe.com