PSNStores Weekly Roundup: July 29th – August 4th 2013 | PSNStores

PSNStores Weekly Roundup: July 29th – August 4th 2013

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When I reviewed Hotline Miami last month one of my few complaints with the game was that some of the trophies were glitched and unachievable but the devs were thankfully working on a patch. Well that patch became available this week and that platinum is now accessible to all you trophy hunters. I have already spent some time trying to get those A+ ranks and I hope to jump back in this week to finish them up. Most of my time though was spent participating in the first week of our Pinball Arcade tournament. You can view the tournament update post to check out the current standings and see that the next table chosen for the tournament is Elvira and the Party Monsters. Good luck once again to all those participating, and for anyone who is interested in playing we are accepting late applications. So come on and join in on the fun (and maybe win some prizes too).

The PlayStation Store Play promotion continued this week with the release of Cloudberry Kingdom and we have a review for you if you are wondering if you should pick up this masochistic platformer or not. The promotion will continue this week with the long awaited co-op platformer Ibb & Obb which you can check out some footage of Chris and Curtis playing the game now in our early Gameplay Glimpse. Episode 105 of the PSNStores podcast was released this week where you can hear the editors talk all about the latest PSN news and reviews, but we now have a new way for you to enjoy it. Head on over to our YouTube page where you can not only listen to the podcast but see videos and screenshots of what the editors are talking about, along with useful annotations if you just want to skip to that section on PayDay 2 or hear them rage about the Vita store once again. If this is something you guys like and want to see more of make sure to let us know in the YouTube comments or podcast post.


Real Boxing squares off with Vita on Aug 27 for $9.99
More Ducktales videos for you to shake a cane at, Duckumentary 2 and African Mines trailer
Mononoke Slashdown Update Released
C.A.M.P. out in the Rain for this Developer Diary
Free-To-Play Ace Combat Coming To PSN Later This Year
Hotline Miami Patch 1.01 Is Live (Trophy Fixes and More)
Skydive: Proximity Flight Soars onto PSN this Fall


★★★★☆ PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD
★★★☆☆ Cloudberry Kingdom

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PS Mobile Quick Plays (Ten by Eight, iBomber Defense, Mononoke Slashdown)
PSNStores Podcast 105
Gameplay Glimpse: Ibb & Obb
PlayStation Store Sneak Peek: August 6th 2013
PSNStores Live Stream (The Last Bounty Hunter, Cloudberry Kingdom, PixelJunk Monsters Vita)
PSNStores Pinball Arcade Tournament Week Two: Table and Score Update

PlayStation Mobile Update

iBomber Defense ( $2.79 / £2.19 / ¥275 )
Kimodameshi ( ¥1500 )
Ten by Eight ( $2.99 / £2.19 / ¥300 )

Global Store Update


Narco Terror (PS3) – 1.2 GB
The Last Bounty Hunter (PS3) – 1.3 GB

PSN Games

Cloudberry Kingdom (PS3) – $9.99 (759 MB)
Narco Terror (PS3) – $9.99 (1.2 GB)
PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD (Vita) – $14.99 (165 MB)
Puzzle by Nikoli V: Slitherlink (Vita) – $4.99 (49.4 MB)
The Last Bounty Hunter (PS3) – $7.99 (1.3 GB)

PS2 Games

P.T.O. IV: Pacific Theatre of Operations – $9.99 (607 MB)


Narco Terror (PS3) – 1.2 GB
The Last Bounty Hunter (PS3) – 1.3 GB
Zeno Clash II (PS3) – 1.1 GB

PSN Games

Cloudberry Kingdom (PS3) – £7.99/€9.99 (759 MB)
Narco Terror (PS3) – £7.99/€9.99 (1.2 GB)
PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD (Vita) – £9.99/€12.99 (165 MB)
R.I.P.D.: The Game (PS3) – £5.99/€7.49 (1.2 GB)
Superfrog HD (PS3/Vita) – £6.49/€7.99 (263 MB)
The Last Bounty Hunter (PS3) – £6.49/€7.99 (1.3 GB)
Zeno Clash II (PS3) – £8.99/€11.25 (1.1 GB)

Some avatars, but not much else.

Just some DLC so far.