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PSN Store Weekly Round-up (07/13/10)

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Convention season is still in the air as ComicCon kicks off next Thursday. Although we won’t be there in person, we will be posting any news that comes out of there that has to do with PSN. Much like E3 there will be a banner to click that gets you all the info, so stick tight!

From the site

Developer Interview: Landit Bandit
Hello Games Wins Awards At Develop 2010
Review – The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition
Minis Surpass 1 Million Downloads
Sony Has Live Chat With minis Developers
Famitsu PSN Top 10 (06/10/10 – 06/23/10)
Developer Interview: Eat Them!
Swords & Soldiers Attack PSN This Fall
Just Add Water makes it official. Oddworld’s coming back!
Capcom announces Mega Man Universe
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Demo Coming July 29th
ESRB Watch: Fly Fu (minis)
Quick Question: Team Meat
Review: Vibes

North American Store

Blur – Multiplayer
Gladiator Begins (PSP)

PS3 Games
Landit Bandit

PSP Games
Groovin’ Blocks

European Store

Blur – Multiplayer

PS3 Games

PSP Games
Armored Core: Last Raven
Pro Cycling 2010: Tour de France
TNA Impact! Cross the Line

Archibald’s Adventures
Car Jack Streets
Star Hammer Tactics

Japanese Store

Fairy Tail Portable Guild (PSP)
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2010 (PS3)

PS3 Games
Battle Fantasia
Greed Corp
PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap

PSP Games
Burnout Dominator
Burnout Legends
Busou Shinki: Battle Masters
Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles Best Collection
CROSS†CHANNEL ~To all people~
Tenjin Ranman: Happy GO Lucky!!
Hello Kitty to Issho! Block Crash 123!!
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2010
Mizu no Senritsu
Mizu no Senritsu 2
Power Pro Baseball Lengends Best Collection
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Best Collection
Suikoden I & II Best Collection
Tokimeki Memorial 4 Best Collection

Mahjong Youchien: Tamago Gumi
Makeruna! Makendo 2
Minna Atsumare! Igo Kyoushitsu
Mystic Ark: Maboroshi Gekijo
NOeL ~La neige~ Special
Shin Megami Tensei
Simple 1500 Series Vol. 78: The Zero Yon
Simple 1500 Series Vol. 82: The Sensuikan
Simple 1500 Series Vol. 85: The Sengoku Bushou
Simple 1500 Series Vol. 86: The Onigokko

Asian Store

Naruto: Kizuna Drive (PSP)

PS3 Games
Spelunker + Spelunker Black Bundle

PSP Games
Iron Man 2

Front Mission 3