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Review – The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition

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Developer: Lucasarts
Publisher: Lucasarts
Release Date: April 22 2010 / June 23 2010
Availability: English Version UK Version
Price: $9.99 | £7.99 | €9.99
Players: 1
Demo: No
Rating: E10+

What I Liked:

  • A Great Update To A Classic Game
  • Fantastic Writing
  • Excellent Voice Acting
  • Superb Music
  • Helpful Hints System

What I Disliked:

  • Art Style At Times Is Slightly Iffy
  • Couple Of Crashes

Its been a long time coming, but Lucasarts has finally seen fit to grace PSN users with their 2009 remake of The Secret Of Monkey Island, the game which launched the classic adventure franchise over 10 years ago. As releasing the game unaltered on PSN would likely only appeal to those of us who were fans of the game in the first place, Lucasarts took the position of adding a whole load of new features to the title, hence the “Special Edition” seen here.

As a game, The Secret Of Monkey Island is utterly fantastic. Players take the role of Guybrush Threepwood, “Mighty Pirate”, a hapless buffoon who somehow stumbles into a variety of situations, and sets out to rescue Governess Elaine Marley from the clutches of the evil ghost pirate LeChuck. The game is an adventure game right to its hoarding core, with players expected to pick up everything that’s not nailed to the floor, and use it against everything that is. Monkey Island’s writing was always the best part of it, with hilarious dialogue helping to drive the player forward, and the Special Edition greatly improves on the original with the addition of full voice acting throughout the game.

The cast is, as is to be expected with the Monkey Island games, fantastic, with each line being absolutely spot on with its delivery. Everything you loved about the original game has been enhanced, such as re-recorded music, and a hint system has been added, for those of you that prefer not to rip your own hair out with frustration.

As with all remakes, there are of course some things that people who loved the originals will notice, such as Guybrush’s hair. The new art style is nice and stylized, but some fans will likely deem it too much so, with Guybrush’s hair being a prime example of this. Also, the game crashed twice during the course of my review, but, due to the generous autosave, I only lost about 10 minutes of progress in total.

When It was first released, The Secret Of Monkey Island was a great game, and time certainly hasn’t dulled its razor-sharp wit. This is one game that It would be criminal for you to miss out on.

This game was purchased for review purposes.