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Developer Interview: Eat Them!

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This go around we have a little chat with Ana Kronschnabl, FluffyLogic CEO about their recently announced PSN title Eat Them! It was only last month at E3 where we first saw the game and because I am a fan of Rampage it caught my attention quickly. For some more info on the game keep it locked here as we will be following it closely.

PSNStores: Before we get head deep in rubble, let the readers know a little bit about FluffyLogic.

Ana Kronschnabl: FluffyLogic is a small development studio based in Bristol, England. We’ve been going for over 5 years now and most of our work centers around games development. Gamers may know us from the Savage Moon games on PS3 and PSP (there is more info here http://bit.ly/savagehelp), but within the studio we’ve got a strong and experienced team that have worked on many different projects; from making TV programs for the BBC to the Conflict Desert Storm series of games.

PSNS: Now with that we are ready to go. In your words, describe Eat Them!

AK: Eat Them! is about monsters and its about eating people, its about smashing stuff up and creating even more awesome monsters! The game has loads of different locations and missions, but their objectives tend towards smashing things whilst the monster needs to eat people to keep it’s power up. As you progress you unlock more and more body parts leading to millions of possible combinations of monster to send into the next missions. The gameplay is 3rd person and action-filled as you get to directly control the monsters you make.

PSNS: From Savage Moon to plugincinema.com to CatBot and now Eat Them!, FluffyLogic seems to be a huge team working on varied projects. How many of you are working on Eat Them!?

AK: It has varied over the life-cycle of the project, but currently there are 9 of us working on Eat Them! – plus a freelance sound designer – who was recently nominated for a major music award.

PSNS: Wow such a small team. Eat Them! looks to be in the vein of games like Rampage (one of my favorites growing up) and King of the Monsters, did the team draw from these classic monster-them-ups for inspiration?

AK: We too grew up playing Rampage and have a copy of King of the Monsters in the office. We drew on a huge range of monster-related sources (comics, games, and films) to make Eat Them! and fans of those titles will not be disappointed 🙂

PSNS: The Godzilla fan in me loves the gameplay from the trailer. But I was a little unclear on the game’s objective. Could you do you best to explain it?

AK: Different missions have different objectives and there is lots of scope to just have fun smashing stuff up – but we also have a story mode with missions that develop the narrative. The aim of this mode is to allow the mad scientist who created the monster-lab (in which you build the
monsters) to wreak his revenge… REVENGE!!! MuhhahahahaHAHAHAHA!

PSNS: Speaking of monster creation, it looks like it is rather deep. Will there be extra parts to unlock by completing certain objectives in the game?

AK: Yes, progress in the game unlocks body parts. You can change the head, left arm, right arm, torso, backpack and legs – all of the parts have different impacts of the overall monster and it’s the player’s choice to shape that. Parts also come with weapons – so arms, heads and backpack variations with different types of damage-dealing abilities can be fitted to the monster – depending if you like to kill with a missile from afar or a chain-fist up close. The choice is yours…

PSNS: Another thing that made me interested in the title was the unique visual style. How did the team settle on it?

AK: Our lead artist, Stuart Griffin, has been the main driver of this. He’s had the idea for this style in his head for some time and has been keen to make it a reality. When we pitched the idea to Sony, they loved the visuals he’d created to illustrate the idea. We hired a top graphics programmer as well, so the team was able to breathe life into Stu’s vision.

PSNS: From viewing the UK PlayStation site, I can see that there will be multiplayer. Is it local only or will there be online as well?

AK: Eat Them! is going to feature 2 player local multiplayer – so 2 players on the same machine – co-op and head-to-head modes. Other types of multiplayer are being considered, but as yet local play is our main development focus.

PSNS: Some people find it hard to purchase downloadable games without first being able to try them. Are there plans to release a demo with the game at launch?

AK: We’re considering, but haven’t made any decisions about a demo just yet.

PSNS: Finally to wrap this up, when can we expect to get our hands, claws, and pincers on Eat Them!?

AK: All going well, should be out for winter 2010!

Again I would like to thank Ana for answering our questions. Be sure to check out FluffyLogic.net for more information on the studio.