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If you’re a fan of awesome things, then no doubt you’re heard of, or seen Super Meat Boy, the 2D Platformer featuring many a saw and blood splatter. Today, the developer posted this on their twitter;

Oh, also the answer to last weeks question “why is there no ps3 version of SMB was “Because Sony didn’t express interested in the game”

Being curious as the why, I asked the developer as to why, on PSN (where developers are allowed to self-publish their games), their game would be rejected due to lack of interest. I then got what could quite possibly be the quote of my life from Edmund McMillen, One of the Two members of team meat.

We had started development of SMB for PC, Wii, Xbox and Ps3. we had kits for all systems and the game ran on all consoles. we submitted our current build to MS and Sony and it was as simple as Sony not getting back to us expressing interest in picking up the title and MS grabbing it up as soon as we submitted it.

We like Sony, and I’m sure we will eventually release a game on their system but SMB on ps3 just wasn’t in the cards. also keep in mind we are only a team of 2, one of us doing all of the programming. if we somehow were able to work out a deal to release on all systems, with a work load like that, i think Tommy would probably kill himself.

I don’t want my friend to be dead, nor should you.

So, there you have your answer. A fair one too, If you ask me. A team of 2 people can’t be expected to bring a game to every platform under the sun, so I’m sure you own one of the 4 other platforms (XBLA/Wii/PC/MAC) the game is also coming out on.

  • I hope Limbo and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet don’t have similar stories to explain their exclusivity. Damnit, Sony – you used to actively court The Weird Stuff.

  • Rockgamer

    I do have a PC, but I hardly use it to play games (it’s a laptop that’s hardly ideal for playing most games), so I was hoping for a PSN version. I’m not heartbroken that it’s not happening, but it does look bad that the PS3 is once again getting the shaft on another promising upcoming game.

  • sNsKid

    I honestly don’t care about this game.

  • Your loss, sNsKid.

    Its funny, I remember Sony being the master of the video game domain. The PS1 and PS2 were easily the cream of the crop in their respective eras. Now Sony’s like the neglected step-child of the console wars. They grab their parents’ (as in, us, the consumers) attention for a little bit, and then it’s back to being proud of the greater children, Nintendo and Microsoft.

  • LBDz

    In my opinion the game might not have been good enough in Sony’s eyes, and not warrant the price of the game. But only time shall tell.

  • The Woot

    Shame. But you’re probably right about the lack of interest from the PS3 community. Although Joe Danger did pretty well on PSN but those are two very different games.

  • @LBDz not worth $15? This game is EASILY worth the price, at least in my opinion. New Super Mario Bros. Wii cost what? 50 bucks? They are two very similar games (2d platformer) so in my opinion, Super Meat Boy’s a steal! 🙂 And @The Woot , DID Joe Danger do well? I really hope so, I think it looks soooo awesome! One of the games that makes me wish I owned a ps3 🙁

  • RedruM

    I don’t like Microsoft systems and I don’t have a Wii so I’m going to have to download the game from a torrent site to play it, unless of course they release it on PS3 on which case I’ll buy it.

    • I will be getting it on Steam

    • Ben Jones

      If you torrent the game, you won’t be supporting the people who have spent years creating this title. I’m going to be buying the Mac version day 1, and you should certainly buy the game for your PC/Mac if you want original titles like this to flourish in a market that can only be described as “troubled”.

      Don’t be a prat, and buy it when it comes out.

      (By the way, it’s out now on XBLA.)

    • supporting the people who have spent years creating this title. Yes you should be supporting them its only 2 men. and it did not take them years to make the game it took them 11 months to make it. As wee type i’m watching a documentary on 6 people who are trying to get famous by making games and it said he took them 11 months

    • DislikesPirates

      Yo Red, grab it up on Steam and support this 2-man company. They’re obviously making something awesome. The more money this game makes on the other systems the more likely it will be to come out on the PSN so don’t stump the chances by torrenting.

      I know I’m about a month off, but hey – I just saw this game and was amazed. I was hoping for a PSN version as well, but hey – it is $10 right now on Steam!

  • The Truth

    Very insightful and honest answer.

  • Joe

    Well since I cannot buy SMB on PSN I guess I’ll just pirate it on PC

    • David S. Gallant

      Wow. You’d screw over an independent team of cool guys because Sony wouldn’t play ball with them? Dick move, dude. Dick move.

    • Zakihashi

      Well.. I guess I’ll pirate every Sony exclusive game, as I can’t get it on my Xbox, Wii, or PC, even if I got a PS3.. sounds smart hu ? 😛

  • peperami HOT

    I own meatboy on steam got it on discount for like £2 and it is brilliant, still cant believe it was made by a 2 man team.
    This game put mario to shame i found meatboy a lot more fun than the recent mario incarnation (which was awfully dull) and a lot less agrovating, cant understand why PSN would turn this gem of a game down considering some of the absolute &*%$ they have allowed in their store, Fail sony Epicxz Fail.

  • D – Money

    @Joe – wow… you are quite the douche nozzle.

  • Argy

    As long as the game isn’t on Wii (http://kotaku.com/5717345/super-meat-boys-wiiware-release-canceled-disc-release-looking-grim) or the PS3, I won’t be buying it. The devs are missing out on a lot of money not putting it on WiiWare, a Wii disc, or PSN. Stupid of them.

    • Pox

      @Argy, it’d probably be good if you read anything.

      If so, you’d notice that they weren’t able to put it on PSN because apparently Sony had no interest, Nintendo refused to up the size allowable for WiiWare games, and no publishers are willing to jump on board for disc release at the moment. It is not a problem with the Devs.

  • BRTtrogdor

    That’s total ballsac, they need to import it onto PSN

  • Conorak

    Joe and Reddrum are both dick heads, end of.

  • Kklolpop


  • Your FUCKING Mom


    • There will it took some time for Sony to put castle crashers on the PSN. What there do it there let the game go on Xbox or PC and if its big there will put it on and if its not big there will not put it on. If there was to accept ever one who makes game, there would be shit load of crap games it would be like the app store it may have the most apps but its full of shit apps because there accept everyone

  • Hunt3rpwns

    Shit like this makes me wish i bought a 360 instead…..

  • seth

    wtf sony why you no put smb on ps3????????????????????????????/

  • ZarCoolbro

    I’m a huge fan of Team Meat ahgdagdahdgaj

  • Eric G

    It’s happening.