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Review: sixty second shooter Deluxe

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sixty second shooter Deluxe, as the name implies, is a twin-stick shooter with a sixty second timer to earn as high of a score as possible. Just as Chris mentioned in his impressions last week sixty second shooter Deluxe is kind of like a mix between Geometry Wars and flOw.

The game plays out similarly to Geometry Wars or similar games in the genre in that you pilot a polygonal shape with numerous other polygons spawning into a flat grid based field. As these shapes swarm you it’s your goal to destroy them, build combos, collect power-ups and earn the highest score possible. The flOw element comes in the way in which you can enter portals that will take you to a lower floor which contains tougher enemies. The gameplay is simple enough to jump into right away and the sixty second timer provides a really fun game that’s perfect for short bursts. Better yet is the way that sixty second shooter Deluxe builds upon the initial gameplay.

In the game you start out with just a very basic shooting ability and a cap on the amount of floors you can go through. As you play the game you’ll collect @ symbols which, with each seven collected, will unlock a new element to the game. For the most part you’ll unlock something new with each new game meaning that every time you start a new game you’ll have a new power-up to use or new enemies to defeat. Unlockables range from a different graphic filter, increased level cap, the ability to start at a higher level, new power-ups and new enemies. In about an hour or so you’ll unlock everything there is to sixty second shooter Deluxe. It’s not really a deal breaker but I was a little bummed that everything unlocked so quick. Other than attempting for a new high score I no longer have something ‘new’ to look forward to unlocking.

Due to the fact that at this stage, because the option to do so hasn’t officially been made available to PSM developers yet, the game doesn’t feature leaderboard support it can grow kind of boring chasing your own score. However, as mentioned in our interview with the developer of the game, sixty second shooter Deluxe will receive leaderboard support when that is made available in the SDK. At that point I can see the game becoming really addicting as you build up combo chains and use power-ups to climb the leaderboards.

For a little under three dollars you really can’t go wrong with sixty second shooter Deluxe. The fast paced nature of the game makes it perfect for getting in a few quick games during downtime. The only big issue I have with the game is that the sound effects are really bad and without any option to turn them off I had to mute my Vita because I simply couldn’t stand to listen to them. (Especially the one that plays when you pick up a power-up.) Which is too bad because the two music tracks in the game sound pretty good. At any rate sixty second shooter Deluxe is yet another PSM game that Vita owners should add to their library.

A copy of this game was purchased for review purposes. For more info on our review policy click here. This review is for the PlayStation Vita version of the game.

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  • I kind of wish there was more stuff to unlock.
  • Wish I could turn off the sound effects.