Review Policy

All reviews are based off copies from the PSN store, these are not “preview” or “review” builds. We are reviewing the same thing that you will be buying. We use a “10 point” scale with half-point values. All full games are graded on a scale that ranges from 1 to 5 stars, a breakdown of the scale is below. While we don’t regularly review Add-on content, if we do it will be presented with a simple Buy or Pass rating.

A game that every PS3 or Vita owner should have. It is by no means “perfect” though.

A game that you could recommend to a friend. Sure there are a few things wrong, but that won’t take away from the fun.

The good in the game out weighs the bad. This is just your average run of the mill game. Not spectacular but certainly not bad. Try the demo, if there is one, to make sure you will like it.

The bad in the game out weighs the good. Most people won’t find enjoyment in this title, although fans of the genre or series still might. So if there is a demo try it first.

Avoid like the plague.

Review Transparency
Most of the time we are given vouchers by the publisher or developer so that we can review the game. But on the off chance that we are not given a code, we will pay for the game out of our own pocket. If you do not see any additional notes at the end of a review, you can assume that we were given a code so that we could review it. If we paid for the game out of pocket, you will see a note mentioning that. We hope this will give a better picture of how we are reviewing games.

All ad buys are handled by Chris, our Editor-in-Chief. If a game featured in ads on the site is up for review, Chris will pass on reviewing the title himself. Individual reviewers have no say in ad content placed on the site and are therefore given reviews of this nature. Placing an ad on the site in no way affects the review score of a game. If a member of our editorial staff is featured in a game, we will not review it.

Updated 10/25/12

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