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PSM Quick Play: QuizQuizQuiz & sixty second shooter Deluxe

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‘PSM Quick Play’ are impressions from newly released PlayStation Mobile titles and are based on roughly 20 minutes or more of playtime. Full reviews are available at a later date.


$3.49 – Tested on Vita (Game was purchased)

QuizQuizQuiz comes to us from 4 Door Lemon, the makers of Table Soccer and Table Ice Hockey on the PlayStation Vita. It is as you can guess a trivia game for up to 5 players.

There are 2 modes for single player: Quiz Master and Beat the Clock. You can think of it this way… Beat the Clock is a sprint, you have 30 seconds to correctly answer as many different trivia questions as possible. You can tweak things like the amount of time or the number of questions per category. While Quiz Master is a marathon. You have 3 lives to answer as many questions as you can.

The store description says there are 5000 questions in hundreds of categories. But I believe that is spread out between all of the different languages of the game. (Ed: This is clarified in the comments.) There are 5 different English questions sets as well as French, Spanish, German and Italian. Make sure to change it to English (US) if you are in the States as it defaults to UK and you probably won’t know the answer to all the cricket and soccer questions.

There are a ton of different party modes as well. Buzzer has 2 players going head to head and having to buzz in to answer. Sadly there is no Jeopardy style buzz in sound. Passaround is for a group where each player takes turns answering questions. Finally there is Challenge, this is like Passaround but everyone gets the same questions.

All in all this seems like a simple little trivia game. Hopefully there will be free question packs as if they can support the game it might actually be pretty fun.

Hot: Lots of different categories and game types.
Not: Questions will probably get old fast.

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sixty second shooter Deluxe

$2.79 – Tested on Vita (Game provided by Publisher)

sixty second shooter Deluxe is like a mash-up of Geometry Wars and flOw. This might sound like a weird combination but hear me out.

In the game you control a ship and you have 60 seconds or less to score as many points as possible. This is done by shooting different enemies and collecting power-ups. This sounds a whole lot like Geometry Wars, but the flOw component comes in as you can descend to lower floors where there are tougher enemies. These tougher enemies will give you greater points and since this is a score attack game that is where you will want to go.

The game starts off with this chill jazz soundtrack and black and white visuals, but if you collect enough @ symbols you will unlock a new visual style and techno music track. Keep collecting these @s to unlock new weapons, the ability to start at a lower floor, and even new enemy types. Since you gain new stuff every 7@’s you are learning the ropes of the game at a rather brisk pace.

I was a little saddened when I ran out of stuff to unlock, but now that I have everything the game is far more fun. Check out this video to see the game in action.

Some quick tips: If you are in a bind and can’t find a bomb on screen, use your missiles. They act the same way a bomb does. Also try to descend as quickly as possible so that you have more time to kill higher point value targets. Lastly be sure to grab all the multipliers you see.

While the game doesn’t have online leaderboards yet, Jamie from Happion Labs said that they will be patching the game whenever the PSM SDK receives updates. So if you love twin stick shooters, definitely check this one out.

Hot: Easy to pick up and play, tight controls, lots of explosions, 2 visual styles
Not: While I understand it is a score attack game, I wish there was more to unlock.

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