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At a first glance, Resogun looks like an absolute mess. Little cubes known as voxels are flying everywhere, colors flashing all over the place, and little green humans running in the thick of it all. But what comes out of the mess is pure fun and addiction. Resogun is Housemarque’s new twin stick shooter for the PS4, and my personal favorite game on the PSN yet. So get ready, because Resogun is about to take you on one wild ride.

Let’s start with how you will be piloting your ship. The controls are very simple, which makes it very easy to pick up and play. You control your ship with the left analog stick, and shoot with the right. A little different from other twin-stick shooters, in this game you can only shoot left and right. The L1 button makes your ship boost ahead, and R1 makes your ship go into overdrive. Overdrive slows down the game, and changes the bullets you are shooting into a giant green beam. Lastly, R2 activates a bomb that wipes the entire area of enemies. While it doesn’t add to the gameplay, you can also toss a collected human around by pressing L2.

Now that you know how you play, let’s get into exactly what you will be doing in Resogun. The story is that aliens have invaded 5 planets, and it is your job to save the remaining humans on each. There is no story other than that, and then you are dropped in right away. The madness begins here. Resogun sends countless enemies at you for you to shoot. There are many different kinds, from jumping spiders to a squid sort of thing. The mix of enemies was good, and added some great variety and difficulty to the game. As is that wasn’t hard enough, you are also trying to rescue the last humans remaining on the planet. To do this, you must destroy green highlighted enemies called “keepers”. This unlocks a human from a box, and you bring them to one of the rescue pods. Plain and simple, Resogun’s gameplay is pure awesomeness. It gets very addicting; trying to make your way up the leaderboards and save all of the humans on every planet. You’ll find yourself playing for hours on end, and forgetting the other games on your shelf.

In Resogun, you play either by yourself, or the one I hinted to earlier, with a buddy in online co-op. It is the exact same game, but just with a friend helping you save humans and ward off the aliens. My first go at co-op was with PSNStores’ own Andrew B. Even though he was all the way up in Canada, the game ran perfectly with no lag on either ends, and it seemed to still run at 60 frames per second. When playing with randomly matched partners, I did experience a bit of lag, but it was still a great time. So, even if you have a friend to play with or not, Resogun’s co-op is loads of fun.

Resogun is one of the best PS4 launch games in my opinion. Even though I have plenty of the launch titles, the one I have been addicted to has been Resogun. The gameplay is very addicting, the graphics are stunning, and the soundtrack is just about perfect. I was a bit disappointed with the fact that there were only 5 levels, but everything else makes up for it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have aliens to kill and humans to save.

A copy of this game was purchased for review purposes. For more info on our review policy click here. The PlayStation 4 version of the game was tested for this review.

General Info

  • Not much content, only 5 stages.