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Review: Resident Evil Revelations 2

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Over the past four weeks I’ve put out impressions for each episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2. My extensive thoughts on each episode can be found here:

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My expectations for Resident Evil Revelations 2, as I’ve mentioned before, were not very high. I honestly didn’t expect this game to be nearly as good as it is. The team dynamic between both pairings proved to work really well and allowed for some pretty interesting gameplay segments. It wasn’t always perfect, but for the most part the way in which the partners worked together made things fun. The story itself did a fantastic job of providing fun call backs to past games while also introducing two new enjoyable characters. Moira might be off putting at first, but she really comes into her own and some of her more colorful lines just made me laugh due to how absurd the lines are. Natalia avoids being the helpless girl that you hate having to protect and instead proves to be a very capable helpful partner. She’s got an interesting story and the future of her character has a LOT of potential. (It’s almost a certainty that Natalia will be back in future games in a pretty big way.)

While personally I would prefer more puzzles and less action I think Revelations 2 did very well in balancing the two. The puzzles dried up a bit near the end, but what was there was really interesting. I also found that the potential branching points throughout the episodes between campaigns provided some really unique gameplay opportunities. The way in which you trigger the good ending in particular I think is really smart from a character/story perspective. On that note the episodic format fit really well with Revelations 2 and I’d love to see Capcom try it again with a potential Revelations 3.

Over the past few weeks I’ve slowly lost interest in the game’s Raid Mode. That can be attributed mostly to the fact that there’s just so much content and so many games out right now. It’s a really cool mode, but the grind started to get to me around the time the Episode 2 maps were unlocked. (I’m also still a little angry that the map pack I purchased STILL doesn’t work.)

Now that the entire season has released there’s a pretty crazy amount of content available. There’s plenty of reasons to replay episodes, there’s the additional bonus episodes for Moira and Natalia, there’s an absurd amount of Raid missions, and an equally crazy amount of unlockables. Doing the knife runs, invisible enemy modes, countdown, and completing medals is sure to take a very long time to complete.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 surprised me. It is not without faults, but I just found it really difficult not to fall in love with it. There’s so much here for fans of the series and a level of self awareness that makes me feel confident about the future of Resident Evil. This is a big step in the right direction for the franchise and I can only hope that things continue that way in the future.

Also, thank God for Barry Burton. He is a Legend.

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