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Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode Four Impressions

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I was a bit surprised by Claire and Moira’s Episode 4 campaign ending in just under fifteen minutes. Their part of the finale wasn’t bad, but it was really surprising to see it end so quick. In the previous episodes the split between Claire/Moira and Barry/Natalia was typically around 50-50 so that part of the finale felt a little abrupt. Luckily the rest of the episode more than makes up for it and Revelations 2 comes to a close on a really high note.

The core of the finale comes down to Barry and Natalia finally tracking down the person behind everything, putting an end to the nightmare, and ultimately escaping from the island. From a gameplay perspective Episode 4 probably isn’t the high point of the season, but pitting you against many of the tougher enemies in the game provides a solid build up towards the final encounter. Barry and Natalia are eventually lead to a mansion (complete with secret underground lab) that will immediately put you in the mind of the original Resident Evil. The game isn’t shy to reference the original mansion either. Barry even mentions the fact that he is ‘so over’ mansions.

The mansion really plays up the fan-service angle super well. It feels familiar (Emblem keys, discovering an underground lab, weird experiments happening in the lab, etc.) while building off of what we’ve seen before. What’s impressive is that it never feels like the references and self aware jokes are too much. Throughout the entirety of the season Capcom has done a good job of keeping that balance. There’s enough to please longtime fans of the series while still allowing the game to stand on its own merits. The mansion sequence in Episode 4 is just another good example of that.

The final 20 minutes of Episode 4, without spoiling anything, could not have been any better. The lead up to the final boss is great, the fight itself is tense, and the things that happen after had me smiling from ear to ear. Revelations 2 has a good and bad ending that triggers dependent on something specific that happens during Episode 3. My initial playthrough lead to the good ending which draws on for a bit longer than the game’s bad end. Both endings are great, but the good ending just elevates the entire experience to a whole new level. It’s a great way to tie things together and come full circle for all of the characters involved. It also, like much of this season, provides the opportunity for Claire and Barry to shine. There’s a number of moments throughout the ending that I just wanted to shout and yell and throw my fist in the air from pure excitement. Barry especially is finally getting the recognition he deserves and that’s so awesome to see.

Episode 4 provided the satisfying conclusion I was looking for. It’s been a long time since the ending of a game put such a big smile on my face. As always you can check out my impressions of the previous episodes in the season below. Now that the season is over you can also check out some closing thoughts in my review here.

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