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Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode Three Impressions

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With Episode 3 in the books I’m feeling confident that, barring some sort of last minute collapse, Revelations 2 will be one of the best new Resident Evil games released in quite some time. It’s got the tension, campy dialogue, a great mix between old school puzzle solving and action, atmosphere, and the Claire/Moira and Barry/Natalia pairings have proven to work incredibly well.

With Episode 3 positioned as the penultimate episode in the season things are starting to ramp up for both parties. Claire/Moira are getting closer to learning the truth about the women holding them prisoner and Barry/Natalia are [redacted in case of spoilers]. While Barry’s campaign has thus far been the high point of the season I think Claire takes Episode 3 by a long shot. Claire/Moira are caught in the midst of deadly puzzles and traps ted into the story of Prometheus. Their portion of this episode is so deeply rooted in early Resident Evil puzzle design. This ends up leading to a pretty intense escape sequence and an awesome boss fight. One that will very likely remind fans of Code Veronica. Claire’s section is a good example that action in survival horror has its place. It’s okay to have action heavy moments as long as it doesn’t take over all moments of gameplay. Thus far Revelations 2 has nailed the split between horror/action really well and I can’t wait to see how everything culminates in the final episode.

Additionally we’re treated to the reason that Moira hates guns. It’s a short section that’s handled well and pretty heavy when you consider what’s actually going on. What’s interesting is that it’s an optional part that players could potentially never see. I love this as it creates a potential scenario where Moira’s character growth greatly depends on what you do in that moment. Even better it’s not presented as “if you choose this x will happen”. It works really well.

The switch to Barry and Natalia starts off with a ‘slow walk’ segment that provides enough downtime for the two to just talk about Barry’s relationship with Moira. Up to this point Barry, as I’ve mentioned before, has played the father/protective role well with Natalia. He’s a lovable goofball and his desire to make things right with Moira makes it easy to sympathize with what he’s going through. This opening segment gives him the chance to air out some of his feelings and admit to mistakes he’s made in past. Natalia, who again has proven to be a smart and capable young girl, fits well into a role of reassurance. In just a few words she’s able to keep Barry optimistic despite how grim things might seem. Natalia, like Moira, is worth fighting for in Barry’s eyes and it’s just another thing that’ll keep him going.

Barry and Natalia are lead into an old mining town in which you’ll need to carry a large battery/crate around to various conveyor belts. Some brief moments of combat are interspersed between puzzles, but ultimately Barry’s campaign doesn’t quite reach the high points of the first half. Not that it’s bad, it’s just that the Claire and Moira section was so good.

Episode 3 hints at something that, while unclear at the moment, will likely have a major role into how this story comes to an end. This of course revolving around Natalia and whether or not there’s something we might not know about her. The ending felt a little abrupt in comparison to the previous episodes, but overall I’m still left very satisfied with where things are headed. The Episode 4 preview looks incredible and I’m sure the next week will feel much longer due to the wait.

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