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Review: Feisty Feet

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As is the case with the vast majority of Minis games I didn’t actually know anything Feisty Feet until we realized it’d be out the following Tuesday and I decided to check out the game’s website. The first screenshot I saw was one that contained characters from South Park which, other than those characters not being in this version of the game, has still left me a little confused. That said the idea of a runner game introducing other AI players to compete against sounded cool enough to me (although I’m sure this isn’t the first game to do so and it probably helps that I’ve played very few games within the genre.)

In Feisty Feet you race against seven AI controlled players as you try to work your way up from 8th to 1st before the level ends. To do this you’ll throw snowballs, plant bombs and take advantage of speed boosts among other power ups to gain the advantage. This plays out through the game’s Championship mode and Marathon mode. Championship mode has you running across numerous stages with increasing difficulty and Marathon has you starting out in 50th place as you try to reach 1st in the shortest time possible.

Aside from the background music Feisty Feet also features an announcer that commentates throughout the events of each stage. Often saying things like “WOW” or “UNBELIEVABLE” over and over again. Whether or not their goal was to make me laugh I’ll say that the commentator did a really good job of doing just that. In addition there are a number of ‘achievements’ to unlock within the game that mostly encourage you to use all the power-ups.

If nothing else I think its a good idea with a decent amount of potential. The thing is however that, knowing there’s a Vita version on the way, I don’t particularly see any reason to pick the Minis version up. This is missing the different maps, characters, modes that will be in that version and, partially due to this being a Minis title, just feels a little bare. I’ll admit that had I been unaware of a ‘better’ version in the works I probably would have just viewed this as another Minis game that doesn’t really have much to it at all. Instead I feel like I’m playing a version of a game that isn’t quite complete in a way that might feel satisfying.

Feisty Feet isn’t bad at all and I quite like the idea. We don’t have much news on when the Vita version will launch but I’d say that that’ll be the one to watch. Give this game online leaderboards and some form of multiplayer and I think there might really be something here. As for now the Minis platform does nothing but limits games like this and thus I’m left feeling like Feisty Feet should have more.

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