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iSquared Games Has Big Plans For Feisty Feet

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Releasing later today on the PlayStation Store is Feisty Feet the latest Minis game from iSquared Games. It is an infinite runner, much like Canabalt, but there is a twist.

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In Feisty Feet you control one single player but at the same time there are other AI controlled characters also trying their best to finish ahead of you. There are all sorts of awards you can earn and upgrades to unlock. You can check out some of the action in the gameplay I embedded above.

Sure local leaderboards are great but with Minis titles you always want a little more. Well iSquared Games is also working on a revamped version of the game for Vita. Included in this version is Online Multiplayer along with more levels, new art and characters. You can catch a small glimpse of that here:

[gallery_imgs dir=”http://media.psnstores.com/images/minis/feisty/wip/” num=”2″]

The game takes place in fictional “North Forest”, a small mountain town. It seems the devs are going for a sort of tounge in cheek reference to the hugely popular South Park cartoon. The art you see above is not final however and there are more than just school children to play as in the final version I am told.

You can pick up the Minis version today for $2.99. There is no word on when the Vita version will ship.