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Aqua Kitty DX PS4 and PSVita gameplay trailer

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Last week we posted about the upcoming Aqua Kitty DX for PS4 and Vita. Today we get to share a brand new trailer for the game as well as some couple new details below.

The cats return at last to PlayStation in the ultimate version AQUA KITTY – Milk Mine Defender DX.
The award winning PSMobile launch title comes to PS4 and PSVita with a flood of enhancements such as:

New large enemy Bosses and enemies.
Extra levels.
New directional weapons to help you rescue abducted kittens.
New Easy mode for players who like a more relaxed challenge.
Arcade mode, which fuses the gameplay of Defender with the upgrade system of Gradius.
A wide range of graphical upgrades!

PS4: 2 player local coop, controller light and sound effects, 1080p 60hz graphics (actually rendered at 4k on the GPU)

Aqua Kitty DX will launch on PS4 and Vita (cross-buy) next Tuesday. We’ll have a review and a Gameplay Glimpse soon.